-- the gift of referrals

i absolutely LOVE referrals!

i can't think of a bigger compliment! it means more than words can properly express. and because i appreciate your referrals so much, i want to do something special as a way of saying thank you! for every referral you send my way (who books and completes a session), BOTH you and the person you referred will receive $50 off your next session!


"but who should i refer?"

so many options! mostly i do sessions with engaged couples, expecting families (both maternity and newborn shoots!), and families. but! let's not forget seniors, milk bath sessions (typically maternity and newborn or breast feeding shoots), family reunions, anniversaries, first birthdays, second birthdays! all the birthdays! 


if you know someone who may be interested in booking a session with me, feel free to send them to my site OR better yet, have them fill out this form!